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Last updated 04/12/2000

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10. "Upper bounds, they are above me."
9. "All the set theory we've done is completely useless."
8. "You must do all your maths work and thinking whilst in the bath tub."
7."It's called curried because it's a bit spicy."
6. "Once I tried to seduce a girl in a maths lecture but I wasn't successful."
5. "What is a proof? I do not know what is a proof!"
4. "An old bloke. Very old. Because he's already dead."
3. "I'm going to tell you a story that's quite interesting.... there's a lot of dead people involved."
2. "Often you have to know what people are talking about to know what they mean."


1. "What is the lowest random number? Seven.... It's a joke, no?"

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