Last updated on 12th September 2017


Functional Programming

Graham Hutton
School of Computer Science
University of Nottingham

Module Information

The aim of this part of the programming paradigms module is to teach the basic principles of the functional approach to programming, using the modern functional language Haskell. There are four timetabled sessions for the module each week. Which of these will be used for functional programming will be announced at the start of the module.


The coursework for the functional programming part of the module comprises a series of one-page exercise sheets and an extended programming exercise. The courseworks are assessed during the lab sessions, and will be released here at the appropriate points during the module.

Learning Material


      Book 2e Cover

Make sure to use the second edition (blue cover, 2016), as the original edition (yellow cover, 2007) is out-of-date.

Lecture notes:

In addition, there will be a number of lectures given using the whiteboard and/or live coding.

Useful Resources