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Artificial Intelligence Methods (G5BAIM)


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If you make use of any resources on this page I would appreciate an email saying that you are going to use my material (except Nottingham University students).

This Computer Science Course is run at the University of Nottingham. It looks at AI from a practical viewpoint and aims to develop algorithms that can be implemented. The course only briefly looks at philosophical aspects of the subject.

The course is run by Graham Kendall who is part of the Automated Scheduling and Planning (ASAP) group.

Graham also run an Operating Systems course for The University of Nottingham.

Please feel free to email me.


I have recently set up a newsgroup to support this course. You can find it at

There will be no lectures week beginning 12th March (i.e. 12th and the 15th March). This is due to a guest lecturer coming for Operating Systems (G53OPS) and I need to use the lecture times.

Hopefully, those of you that are not taking G53OPS will be able to use the time to work on your coursework!!

Course Information

Information such as lecture times/locations, text books and a sample lecture schedule is available here.

Course Feedback

The student feedback for this course (1997/98) is available here.
The student feedback for this course (1998/99) is available here.
The student feedback for this course (1999/00) is available here.

Course Notes

All the notes are available in Word 97.

Other handouts will appear as we get to the lectures (and I have finished preparing the handouts!)

Powerpoint Presentations

I have been asked to supply the Powerpoint presentations.
Please note, they are not essential for the exam - so don't download them if you don't want to.
Also, I do not 'support' them as the handouts cover all the material that you need to know.

Coursework Assignment

The coursework is now available. In order to do this coursework you need to send an EMAIL to Steven Gustafson, who is administering this coursework on my behalf.
In the EMAIL please That's it, you don't need to specify anything else.

Steven will EMAIL you back a password, which you will need to carry out this coursework. I would ask that you do not register unless you are definitely going to sign up for this module.

The coursework can be downloaded from here (Revision 1.00). I'd suggest you right click and save it, then print it.

The groupings for the coursework can be seen at

Any revisions to this document will appear below.

Coursework Revisions (updated documents)
07/03/2001 The groups for the coursework have now been set up and the passwords issued.
I sent an EMAIL, which you should have all received, but you can get a copy of it here.

Once your group has set up a date, time and location to play your games, you should EMAIL this information to Steven Gustafson so that we can keep a track on the groups and we may also decide to come and watch!!

For anybody that is interested, I have made previous years coursework available.
The assignments are available in PDF and Word 97 and are zipp'ed.

Previous Exam Papers

Below I have supplied past exam papers, together with the answers.
Please note, as I have said in the lectures (and why I was originally reluctant to publish these papers), the answers are NOT model answers. The aim of the answers is to allow an internal/external examiner to see that the exam is fair, the exam covers the range of topics that are included in the module and to judge if each question will take about 30 minutes.

Also, note that some of the questions in these papers may differ slightly from the paper that was sat by the students. This is due to changes being incorportaed, as suggested by the internal and external examiner.

With all these provisos (and maybe against my better judgement) the previous exam papers are below.

Third Year Projects

If you are interested in doing a third year project on an AI topic then take a look at this page. It shows the third year projects that are underway and also some suggestions for future projects.
But, you are welcome to come up with your own ideas. If you have any suggestions then come and see me or EMAIL me to make an appointment.
But, please do not accept this as an invitation that I will supervise you. There are many other factors to consider.


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