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Advice on finding and starting your third year project


This page gives some advice as to how third year students should find a suitable project and a suitable supervisor and how to begin working on their project. I also say something about how I supervise third year projects so that you can judge if we are able to work together.

This page contains the following advice

Finding a Project/Supervisor for your Third Year Project

I have a list of project ideas here. But you should also consider projects available from other supervisors. It is important that you find a project that you want to do, with a supervisor that you are happy to work with.
No supervisor will be upset, angry or annoyed if you decide to work with somebody other than him/her. It's your project, find the most suitable supervisor.

If you want to do one of my projects (or an idea of your own), then EMAIL me, giving me an outline of your particular area of interest. We'll probably then arrange a brief chat and, if we are both happy, we can sign the relevant forms.

You need to start the process of looking for a supervisor/project as early as possible as we can only supervise a finite number of projects and once we have reached our limit we cannot take on anymore projects, no matter how much we'd like to.

How I Supervise Third Year Projects

All supervisors have a different way of supervising third year projects. This is how I do it. You need to make sure you are happy to work this way, if you want me to supervise you.

Making a Start on your Third Year Project

Many students find it difficult to get started on their project. It is especially tough when you are beginning the third year of your degree and you have lots of lectures and coursework to do. If you want my advice, here are a few pointers as to how you can get started.


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Last Updated 27/08/99