CSCW 2017 Paper and Workshop on ‘talking with conversational agents’

Some of us at the Mixed Reality Lab including Martin Porcheron and Stuart Reeves have become interested in the use of Conversation Analysis to study so-called ‘conversational’ agents. Together with colleagues from Stockholm, Edinburgh, São Paolo, and Cambridge we have just hosted a workshop at CSCW in Portland on the topic (all participant’s position papers are here), ...

CSCW 2016 Workshop on Collocated Interaction: New Challenges in ‘Same Time, Same Place’ Research

**** San Francisco, CA, USA, 27th February 2016. Submission due date: 22nd December 2015, or 8th January 2016. ***** Call for Participants

ECSCW Workshop: Ethnography in the Wild

Ethnography in the wild: doing design ethnography with organisations at  ECSCW 2015 (Sept. in Oslo, Norway). Deadline: 3rd July 2015. See With the rise of ‘in the wild’ research, collaboration between academic researchers and industry or third sector organisations has developed as a core practice within CSCW. While there is a substantial literature about ...

Workshop at MobileHCI ’15: Mobile Collocated Interactions With Wearables

Research on mobile collocated interactions has been looking at situations in which collocated users engage in collaborative activities using their mobile devices, thus going from personal/individual toward shared/multiuser experiences and interactions. However, computers are getting smaller, more powerful, and closer to our bodies. Therefore, mobile collocated interactions research, which originally looked at smartphones and tablets, ...

Mobile Collocated Interactions: From Smartphones to Wearables — Workshop at CHI ’15

The collocated design framework paper for the design session is here. PDF of the proposal. Call for Papers – CHI 2015 Workshop Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets were originally conceived and have traditionally been utilized for individual use. Research on mobile collocated interactions has been looking at situations in which collocated users engage ...

NordiCHI workshop: Personal or Social?

Delighted to be co-organising a workshop on collocated interaction design at NordiCHI ’14. Check out the official workshop site at

Workshop on Designing Mobile Face-to-Face Group Interactions at ECSCW

We have a workshop at ECSCW ’13 in Cyprus (see for more details). This is a topic that I have become interested in a few years ago during my PhD work.