Workshop at MobileHCI ’15: Mobile Collocated Interactions With Wearables

Research on mobile collocated interactions has been looking at situations in which collocated users engage in collaborative activities using their mobile devices, thus going from personal/individual toward shared/multiuser experiences and interactions. However, computers are getting smaller, more powerful, and closer to our bodies. Therefore, mobile collocated interactions research, which originally looked at smartphones and tablets, will inevitably move towards fully integrated wearable technologies.

The focus of this one-day workshop, collocated with MobileHCI 2015 in Copenhagen, is to bring together a community of researchers, designers and practitioners to explore the potential of extending mobile collocated interactions from, through and around the body using wearable technologies.

Workshop Goals

  • Identify key opportunities for mobile collocated interactions with wearable devices.
  • Investigate how devices will be bound together.
  • Consider more intimate or personal ways for interaction, as these devices get closer to our bodies.
  • Explore interaction paradigms that can be (re-) appropriated for such interactions.
  • Examine adequate ways of prototyping and evaluating such systems.


Potential participants should submit a 3-8 page position paper in the MobileHCI 2015 Extended Abstracts Format describing their interest and/or previous work related to the workshop topic. We will select papers based on relevance, quality, and diversity. We will limit the size of the workshop to 15-20 people to ensure effective participation. The results of the workshop will be summarized and published on the workshop’s website.

The best paper of the workshop will be nominated for inclusion in a special issue of the International Journal of Mobile Human Computer Interaction (IJMHCI).


At least one author of each accepted position paper must attend the workshop and all participants must register for the workshop and for the conference itself.

Important Dates

May 8, 2015: Submission Deadline
June 12, 2015: Notification of Acceptance
August 24 (Monday), 2015: Workshop


For further information, please write to lucero[at]

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