Human-Agent Collectives in Disaster Response

For the ORCHID project, I was fortunate enough to coordinate the production of a film that showcases the Disaster Response research activities in the project. This film project involved more than getting a bunch of people into a room to talk about their research in front of a high quality camera, it involved fleshing out the conceptual relatedness of the work, the ways it forms a coherent narrative that tells the story of the project’s disaster response research.

This turned out to become a sort of ‘meta’ research project in its own right, including background research on Disaster Response, and lots of talking to real disaster response organisations.

Human-Agent Collectives in Disaster Response on Vimeo.

Special thanks goes to our partner disaster response organisation Rescue Global, who have been indispensable in connecting the research to challenges faced by  disaster response organisations. Without their enthusiasm and commitment to the project this film would not have been possible. Thanks to them we were able to use some spectacular stock footage from the Channel 4 documentary The Plane Crash. RG also kindly allowed us to do some filming in their London HQ and at their airbase in North London (yes, they have their own aircraft). We are just starting an exciting collaboration with them that deserves a blog post in its own right.

Special thanks also to Hampshire Fire & Rescue, who kindly provided some stock footage showing off their action-packed training exercises.



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