Glow Club Editor

New Version 2.6 - 1st November 2011

GlowClub is a graphical programming system for Aerotech glow juggling Equipment.

Currently for Windows only. You need to have the club drivers installed already so that windows recognises your clubs.

Program colour sequences by dragging and dropping colours onto a timeline. Also supports looping.

It lets you program different colour sequences into a whole bunch of clubs (up to 16 currently), and start them off in synchronisation with a soundtrack.

Support for starting based on MIDI triggers, for synchronisation with external light shows etc.

Each sequence can be sent to 1 or more clubs, so if you want 10 clubs to do one thing, and 6 to do another it’ll work.

No guarantees that it will work / won’t break anything. It isn’t anything to do with Aerotech - just something I built, although thanks to Aerotech for the help during development.

The help has information on how to use it.

Now with an update for the version 2.0 club firmware, high resolution timing & colour ramping.

New: Displays audio amplitude graph above timeline, for easier editing.

** v2.7 June 2012 Bugfixes, hopefully fixes a crash on playback with large numbers of clubs.**

It’s sort of free, although as the splash screen explains, if you find yourself using it for shows, it’d be nice if you’d give me some money, after all you’ve already spent £1000 on juggling toys.

Download it from the link below. glowclubsetup.exe


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