I did a presentation and performance with the juggling tracker at Design Camp 8 in Wanganui, New Zealand.

I had a caffeine fuelled brainwave, and changed everything at 6am in the morning from being a boring powerpoint presentation, to presenting entirely using pictures and no text, which integrated in with the juggling performance bits well, and made for something that was more like a combination performance/presentation than the two things bunged together.

It turned out to be quite a big event - 500 people, in a pretty decent sized theatre auditorium, with a 20 foot high screen, and light provided by a massive off stage pointy around spotlight, which was a bit wacky compared to the constant light I’d have liked. I have to admit I was pooing myself as to whether everything would work in a setup with really poor light, or whether I’d screw up in front of hundreds of random people. In the end, the presentation was okay, and all the technical bits worked fine, and lots of people came up afterwards to say how much they’d enjoyed it all, which was nice.

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