I seek the nerves under your skin
I seek the nerves under your skin is a motion based private audio performance which aims to cause accentuated mental states in the listener similar to the heightened mental excitement of live performers.

It uses modified mobile phone technology in order to track the motion of a listener. In order to hear the audio, the listener must start running, and constantly accelerate. If they slow, the audio will fade out.

This encourages the listener to push themselves beyond their comfort level, and aims to force those who wish to experience the performance into a state of deep concentration, where all they are able to concentrate on is the sounds they are hearing and their movement through the environment.

I seek the nerves is a locational work without a fixed location. Whilst the piece itself takes no cues from the environment, the listener is in a public place, and forced to take notice of their surroundings to avoid crashing into them.

This was run at the (re)Actor3 conference on Digital Live Art, Liverpool, UK, 3rd September 2008, the Creativity and Cognition in Berkeley, CA, USA, October 2009, and various places in Nottingham and Derbyshire in 2010.

The (re)Actor3 proposaldescribing the work in detail is available.

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