Sensory Threads at CHI 2010

People in the street with Sensory Threads Equipment

We ran Sensory Threads at the CHI 2010 Whole Body Interaction Workshop.

This was a slightly cut down version, but we managed to get sensor readings (sound, light, proximity and heart rate) transmitting over an American 3g connection.

In this picture, you can see people playing with the noise sensor, by holding it next to a waterfall.
Playing with the noise sensor

The ‘mini rumblers’, pictured below, back at the base, each vibrate according to one person’s sensor reading. The character of their vibrations is different – for example the heart rate rumbler pulses in time with the person’s heartbeat, whereas the noise sensor is more of a fuzzy vibration, which gets stronger depending on noise levels.
The Mini Rumblers

There is a lot of stuff to charge up for this project – here is all the gear charging the night before.
Charging the Sensory Threads equipment