Joe Marshall: I am a senior researcher at the University of Nottingham, UK. My work explores the use of computer technology to create exciting, full body experiences. I build and study games, artistic experiences and other things that combine computer software with exciting physical experience.

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VR Playground

Dagstuhl Seminar on Body-Centric Interaction

Touchomatic: Interpersonal Touch Gaming In The Wild

The Challenge of Visual Kinaesthetic Experiences

Misrepresentation of Health Research in Exertion Games Literature

Balance ninja

Interaction in Motion, Designing Truly Mobile Interaction

Designing brutal multiplayer video games

Interpersonal Touch

Expanding Exertion Gaming (IJHCS)

Touch-o-matic at National Videogame Arcade

Broncomatic at National Videogame Arcade

Utilizing gravity in movement-based games

Arduino music using Direct Digital Synthesis

Magnetic Field Swimmer Positioning

Smartphone Sensing for Distributed Swim Stroke Coaching and Research

Swim Sensing Technology

Mobile Interaction Does Not Exist at alt.chi 2013

Interaction in Motion

Why interaction in motion is hard

Mobile devices do not exist

Privacy Policy for Android Apps

Poke that Goat

Uncomfortable Interactions (ACM CHI 2012 Best Paper award)

I seek the nerves in Leonardo Journal

Arduino Octo-Synth

Breathalising Games (ACE 2011)

Broncomatic at GameCity 2011

Broncomatic on Daily Planet (Discovery Channel)

Patio Tile-o-matic

Sensory Threads in Leonardo Transactions

PerPing at Cheltenham Science Festival

Using Fast Interaction to Create Intense Experiences (CHI 2011)

The Gas Mask: A Probe for Exploring Fearsome Interactions (alt.chi 2011)

Breath control of amusement rides (CHI 2011)

QuickGo for Android

Psychometric profiling in the theme park

Gas Masks at Saw Alive

Breathless in Hackney

Graffito at Vintage Festival

Deception and Magic in Collaborative Interaction (CHI 2010)

Sequential Art for Science and HCI

Sensory Threads at CHI 2010

Sensory Threads

Broncomatic Experimentalism

Introducing the Broncomatic

Thrill Laboratory on the One Show

The Bronco: A Proof-of-Concept Adaptive Fairground Ride

I Seek the Nerves at Creativity and Cognition

Bucking Bronco: Adaptive Ride Experiment No. 1

Ubikequitous computing: designing interactive experiences for cyclists

Bang Goes the Theory (BBC TV)

Creating Illusion in Computer Aided Performance

Blue Peter & Thrill Laboratory

Bucking Bronco at Pioneers

GlowClub: Aerotech Glow Equipment Programmer

Interactive Fairground Rides

I seek the nerves at (re)Actor3

I seek the nerves equipment

I seek the nerves under your skin: an interactive poem controlled by running

Cup Game Experiment Results

The Cup Game Experiments

Hiding and Revealing Technology in the Cup Table

Piloting the Cup Game

The Cup Game: Experiments in computer aided deception

Pressing the Flesh: Detecting Multiple Touch and Finger Pressure on Arbitrary Surfaces

Rock in New Scientist

Experiments in 3D Interaction for Mobile Phone AR

Rock at Twaddle

Rider Spoke in Athens

Rider Spoke at the Barbican

Eye-balls: Juggling with the virtual

Rock wins best paper prize at (re)Actor2

Juggling Tracker at (re)Actor 2007, Leeds


Eye-balls: computer vision in the circus

Motion Capture Experience at ACMI Melbourne

Juggling Tracker at Design Camp 8

Juggling Tracker at HitLabNZ Symposium

Juggling Tracker at Twaddle, Derby

Juggling Tracker at GameCity lab

Using Object Interactions to Improve Particle Filter Performance

Juggling Tracker Videos

Juggling Tracker